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Falcon 50EX Information

Indojet charter has a very wide source for this falcon jet around asia pacific.  Available to fly from or to indonesia, and pacific countries. Dassault’s Falcon 50 private jet strikes a good balance between range, runway performance, and speed in the Falcon 50. With a cabin that more than 23 feet long and transcontinental range, it still manages to cruise at speeds of 468 knots.

The cabin of the Falcon 50 is configured to carry eight to ten passengers and has both internal and external baggage space. The external storage compartment is long enough to fit objects as long as eight feet.

Falcon 50EX Specifications

  • Cruise Speed = 468 kts
  • Max Range = 3220 nm
  • Max Capacity = 9
  • Max Height = 6ft 1
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