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Gulfstream G650 Information

The Gulfstream IV and its derivatives are a family of twin-jet aircraft mainly for private business and are designed by Gulfstream Aerospace.

The G450 has a total range of 8,056km, wingspan of 24 metres and cruise speed of 850 km/hr. With the re-designed wing structure compared to the predecessor GIII allows for weight reduction and increase in range.

The next aircraft released by Gulfstream is the G550 which is an advancement of the G450 and can take up to 18 passengers and can fly up to 12,501 km or 12 hours nonstop at a cruise altitude of 51,000ft. It has been labelled the best in value business aircraft by owners. Distance times speed equals time saved and this jet has two Rolls Royce engines providing most thrust of any jet in its class. The G550 has proven to be one of the most reliable and dependable jets and can fly from New York to Dubai without the inconvenience of a fuel stops or additional fees for landing ensuring limited delays in travel.

Indojet Charter is proudly Introducing the Gulfstream 650 which is the biggest, fastest, most luxurious long range and also the most technologically advanced jet by far that Gulfstream has ever produced. This jet is now available in jakarta indonesia, ready to flying to all indonesia airport, flying from jakarta indonesia to all asia pacificcountries, UAE and eruope including united states.  With sixteen panoramic windows allowing an abundance of light into the wider cabin. The G650 boasts the lowest cabin altitude pressurized to 3,000 ft which is twice as low as a commercial aircraft allowing passengers to arrive refreshed and less fatigued.

Gulfstream G650 Specifications

  • Cruise Speed = 610 kts
  • Max Range = 7500 nm
  • Max Capacity = 14
  • Max Height = H: 6 ft 2
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