Medevac Air Ambulance Services

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Februari 12, 2020
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Medevac Air Ambulance Services

Medical Air Transportation & Repatriation (Critical Care Medevac Services)

Indo Jet Charter provides a medical air ambulance service within indonesia, fly to any cities in indonesia, and other cities in asia – pacific , that is capable of transporting patients to and from anywhere in the world. This service is often referred to as Medevac.

Our charter team are highly experienced in the handling and arranging of international air ambulance flights. We work with hospitals, insurance companies, private medical organizations and doctors globally.  Medevac aircraft are able to fly into remote areas and where required, perform low altitude flying. All of the medevac aircraft we provide, are equipped with the latest medical equipment allowing us to fly and treat patient’s en-route.

Our specialist medevac team coordinates, and provides time critical air transport services globally, for your critically ill or injured patient. The medevac team on board all aircraft are highly trained in specialized medical areas, helping the sickest patients. The team has the most modern medical equipment to provide a flying critical care unit.

Our medical team are able to care for patients with trauma, burns, respiratory problems, multiple organ failure, and other life-threatening critical conditions.

We operate a rapid response service and are able to arrange aircraft and crew at a moment’s notice, we liaise with hospitals, surgeons and medical staff worldwide. Private Jet Charter repatriates patients to anywhere in the world.

Where can I rent a Medical Aircraft or Helicopter?
For urgent medical air transportation, when every second counts, we are always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whatever your requirement, there’s always one of our personal Account Managers on hand to help you plan every last detail.

More information on the various types of medical aircraft that we provide for charter can be found in our aircraft section.


At IndoJet Charter we understand that the nature of some flights aren’t always the easiest, especially when a loved one has passed away while abroad. The death may seem more distressing because of the added complications of being away from home and dealing with strangers, that’s why you can rely on us to help you get your loved ones back home.

We have dedicated aircraft that can accommodate these specialist type of flights, based on our long standing experience in the aviation industry, we understand that this can be an emotional and stressful time for you, and will handle your requirement, easily, quickly and sensitively.
We are able to provide a suitable air transport within the shortest time, including regions that are difficult to access, and to provide you with the service which you require to get your loved ones home.