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Februari 12, 2020
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The HondaJet Information

The HondaJet was certified in December 2015, after a long 10-year development process. Developed from the Honda MH02, an experimental aircraft built in the 1990s, the aircraft incorporates a number of unique features. The most eye-catching being the uncommon over-the-wing-mounted engines that allow greater cabin space and dramatically improve fuel consumption.
The innovative aircraft design features over-the-wing engine mounts which maximise the space and comfort in the cabin. It features a large, spacious cabin with club seating and personal side amenities. The aircraft seats 4 passengers comfortably.

Honda jet is rarely using in indonesia, somehow, at Indojet charter we can provide this jet to fly from Jakarta to Singapore / fly from Jakarta to Malaysia / fly from Jakarta to manila philipine / fly from Jakarta to Bangkok Thailand and fly all around indonesia airports.

The HondaJet Specifications :

  • Cruise Speed : 420 kts
  • Max Range : 1180 nm
  • Max Capacity : 4
  • Max Height : 4 ft 9
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