Eurocopter EC120
Februari 12, 2020
Citation M2
Februari 12, 2020

AS350 Single Squirrel Information

Whether it be VIP or corporate travel, or a dedicated sightseeing journey, the Aerospatiale AS350 Single Squirrel caters to all requirements. This spacious and comfortable aircraft offers excellent rear seat visibility, and is one of the largest single engine turbine helicopters available. The EC120 is a quiet and comfortable five seat helicopter, designed to provide mission flexibility. With low operating costs and outstanding performance, it is one of the most efficient helicopters in its class.

If you are travelling at night, the Squirrel is also available in a twin engine version (the Twin Squirrel AS355).

AS350 Single Squirrel Specifications

  • Cruise Speed = 132 kts
  • Max Range = 356 nm
  • Max Capacity = 4
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